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Little did I know years ago when I had my first experience with autism, that autism would become my life’s passion.  I needed a full-time job to support myself while finishing  college at the University of California at Irvine, and  so I  applied at  Fairview State Hospital (now Fairview Developmental Center). I prepared young people who were impacted by  severe developmental disabilities – many of them  autistic –  for  de-institutionalization and for life in the community. Then, I worked at the Regional Center of Orange County, providing information to parents of children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities.

Later I moved to France, and Jeremy and Rebecca were born there. Jeremy was eventually diagnosed as severely autistic, and I was told to find a good institution for him. Instead I  home schooled him and then enrolled  him in the  neighborhood school. Jeremy still requires many supports and life is not easy for him. I never thought he would graduate from high school; my goals for him were always more about independence and communication. But I never gave up on him. he is still learning every day and would like to live in his own home.

A few years back, I began writing books (now  on my sixth)  and giving presentations in order to empower parents and educators with the  practical knowledge.  Now, I have founded Autism College so that people can get educated about autism on-line. We offer on-line training  courses and  Q & A ‘s with Visiting Professors.

Join us at Autism College. You’ll find hope, inspiration, and continue to get educated about autism.

~ Chantal Sicile-Kira
Founder, Autism College